Radovan Voda

Headshot of Co-Founder Radovan Voda

Radovan Voda

Technology, Blockchain, Entrepreneur
Prague, Czech Republic

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Radovan Voda is the Co-Founder of BillionAir.

Radovan Voda has been active in the crypto world as an investor since 2017 and, with his skin in the game, studied everything related he could in the area of blockchain.

Radovan Voda has a degree in computer programming and management, which he utilized in building two companies. He owns a creative and marketing agency employing around 30 people. The company focuses on visual communications and campaigns for domestic and foreign companies.

For example, the mentioned Endorphina, but also Red Bull, Skoda, JVC, and much more. The second one leverages the clients landed through the marketing services and builds joint ventures with them. It builds new departments in certain companies, focuses on long-term business and communication strategies, and helps them set up new ones.

Based on his background, he was able to be a part of many companies from many different sectors and learn the broad scale of skills needed to build a successful company. He is ready to build whole ecosystems, complex products, marketing strategies, manage teams, and strategize and execute accordingly.

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