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How Valuable Medical 3D Video is Saving Lives


There is still a lot of hype around the new technologies in medical advances, but there is certainly some good promise and use cases for the industry making progress. In this case, we will be talking specifically about 3D video. Before we get started, let’s cover some basics on this technology as not to confuse it with others like 360° video and Virtual Reality. While it is typical people mistakenly use these terms interchangeably, they are not the same, even though they can seem the same or similar.

So, 360° video is video that’s only filmed in 360 degrees and has no depth of field. As far as “VR”, this is the most common, when speaking virtual reality. This type of video essentially captures a dome-like panoramic view allowing you to see in different directions, not different angles. While you can watch 360° video your cellphone combined with a 3D Headset, it’s still truly not 3D.

3D Video

So, 3D is truly fascinating and is improving rapidly. This type of video gives you depth of field. Nowadays, you can simply view 3D video using a 3D headset and a newer cellphone. Using this setup, you’ll notice that the experience is comparable to what you might have seen at a 3D movie theatre, but significantly better. What’s challenging is this 3D technology is new and relatively expensive.

Again, to compare 360 video and 3D videos – the first is a full view of 360 degrees, but no depth of field. While 3D video has depth of field, but its viewpoint is somewhat restricted. Good news – with the rapid increase in technology advances 360 videos will become 360 3D videos.

Virtual Reality

You might ask, what is virtual reality (VR) then? VR is basically 3D video, but only its computer generated and not filmed. VR is really using stereoscopic rendered images, the same filming technique in a 3D video, essentially. Remember, VR content is all computer generated using such software as Unreal Engine or Unity.

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