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Growth and Scaling Downfalls – Part V Final Thoughts

In the last few posts we touched on Growth and Scaling preparations in terms Human Capital Management, Financial Resource Management, Strategy Management and Project Evaluation Management. In the last post in the series we will touch on additional practical considerations.


All said and done, there are many limitations that are outside the control of any organizations including market and competitor behavior, consumer perceptions, external stakeholder objectives as well as rapid innovations. Those and many other factors that shape the overall perceived and real “business environment” that will inherently have an influence on the outcome of any business related project. Hence it is vital to account and plan for certain margin of error that will dictate changes, adjustments and pivots.

Expectations Management

Though a stable tool of business management, expectations management is one of THE most important yet clearly underutilized component of scaling and growth projects. Drawing on the idea that there are inherently many more unknowns in those projects that can lead to limitations, it is extremely vital to utilize both the theoretical and practical aspects of expectations management theory.

Diminishing Returns

Growth is NOT unlimited nor is Scaling. Contrary to the belief that there is no ceiling to expand and grow, the reality is much different. As mentioned previously, the sheer fact that are many components outside the influence of an organization, it is rather logical to see why there are real life limitations. Hence it is extremely important to start off those growths and scaling projects with reasonable outlook and goals.

Business Process Engineering (Reengineering)

When limitations and expectations management are accepted and implemented, process engineering and reengineering become indispensable. In line with other component, business process management, engineering and reengineering have an even more outsized role when it comes to scaling and growth in order to address and accommodate both the limitations and expectations management.

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