Launching Mobile Field Technology, Keys to Success

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Competition is tough, driving revenue is difficult, managing costs is a grind and customer expectations are on the rise. How can you strategically leverage a remote field workforce to maximize sales, reduce costs and provide the customer with an unforgettable experience?

That is the million-dollar question and it will take multiple solutions to help pave a path to success. However, you cannot begin to navigate your way through the ins and outs of the fiercest market of all times without mobile field technology. Whether it is service or sales, mobile field technology is the key to getting ahead in today’s marketplace.

Here are four key things to keep in mind as you prepare for your first launch or upgrade your existing mobile field device.

Do your research and seek input from others

Start by seeking input from others that are already on the mobile field device journey. Talk to companies that have provided a full mobility device solution (software and hardware) to their workforce. In addition, talk to companies that have a BYOD (bring your own device) solution and only supply an app or software to the employee.

As you begin the conversation, just keep it simple. Ask about the advantages of providing a full mobility device solution versus having a BYOD program. Seek input on the pros, cons and unexpected red flags that have surfaced throughout the process. This type of feedback will set you up to have healthy conversations and determine what path you should pursue.

Complete an RFP (Request for Proposal) with several vendors

Implement the RFP process with several vendors and do not fall for the first great sales presentation. In today’s fast paced world with pressing deadlines, it is easy to want to move quickly rather than taking time to thoroughly complete your homework. Dig deep, ask the tough questions, and uncover all the advantages and disadvantages prior to finalizing a decision. Go with your gut. If you are not receiving excellent customer service with a vendor during the exploratory process, then that is a definite red flag.

Are they answering all the tough questions? Do they forget to follow up on the more tedious topics? Do you have to pull the information out of them? If your gut does not tell you that you are working with a winner, it is highly unlikely that things will improve once you sign the contract.

Get clear on the capabilities you need most

Obviously, cost is a major factor when launching a mobile field device solution. Determining your investment is about more than just price. Prior to engaging in conversations with vendors, you need to be clear on your top three to five mobile technology priorities.

Rank the priorities in order of importance. This will be critical as you determine which vendors can meet your needs. If costs do become a difficult part of the equation, you will be well prepared to know what capabilities you are willing to live without when you launch.

Do not take the change management process lightly

Selecting the right mobility solution and vendor is just fifty percent of the battle when it comes to launching a device to a field workforce. If you ignore the change management part of the process, it could have a profound impact during the implementation phase and succeeding in the long term. It is imperative to engage your field team immediately once you have decided to pursue launching a device. Get team members involved and let them help you determine what you need to do to be successful. Focus on taking care of the field workforce and they will take care of both the business and the customer during the launch and thereafter.

Realizing the Goal

Launching a new mobile field technology solution is no small task. Be ready to work! However, if you commit to doing your research, complete a rigorous RFP process, define, and rank your priorities and prepare the organization for change, you will win big. You will maximize sales, reduce costs, and provide the customer with an unforgettable experience. That is how you compete in the fiercest market of all times!


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