Change Your Life in Three Weeks: Introducing Soaak’s 21-Day Programs

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Aligning Thoughts and Actions with Mindfulness and Sound Frequency Therapy

With the turmoil of financial instability and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a pressing need for people to resist negativity and stay more grounded. One of the best ways towards this goal is through mindfulness and meditation, allowing people to re-train their thought processes. The purpose of Soaak is to improve people’s lives by removing negativity and encouraging positive and authentic thoughts. We realize this mission through several strategies, including our 21-day programs. These offer people a way to change their lives through proven practices and technology.

Improved Body and Mind in Three Weeks

Our 21-day programs provide people with an intensive course to shift how they think about their lives and the world around them. We offer several three-week programs, including “Breathe In with Ali Levine.” Ali is a noted mindfulness and lifestyle expert who understands how to align someone’s mental, spiritual, and physical components. She encourages listeners to live authentically and actively search for happiness through mindful thoughts, positive affirmations, and breathing exercises.

The strength of Ali’s teachings comes from how she combines all these elements. She knows how to pair the proper breathing exercise with the perfect thought and incorporate our Soaak frequency treatments to generate the best results. That’s the key to our approach, to blend multiple aspects of whole-body wellness in a way that resonates with people.

We also help people to push through stress, failures, and depression. Our “The Art of Letting Go” 21-day program from Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith enables listeners to become unstuck. Michael’s an amazing meditation and leadership teacher who appeared on dozens of shows and other media outlets. His program teaches people to unlock their potential by removing lower harmful vibrations that prevent them from forgiving others and themselves. It’s a powerful program designed to remove regret and anger, enabling people to move forward and achieve lofty personal and professional goals.

Additionally, we help people cope with loss by teaching new techniques to manage and navigate complex and unexpected feelings with Bob Hutchins’ “Growing Through Ambiguous Loss” 21-day program, which first premiered on the TEDx stage as “Ambiguous loss & tragic optimism: Our journey through collective grief.” Bob Hutchins is a writer, teacher, and communicator about the intersection of digital media, culture, and psychology, and his program offers tools to support the healing process. This 21-day program will help users learn to move forward in life after a loss, free themselves from the heaviness of loss and grief, cope with change and see the positives of each situation.

The Healing Power of Sound

One of our approach’s core parts is using sound frequencies to improve people’s minds. Our research and technology have developed frequencies that align with the body at energetic and cellular levels. They’re clinically proven to increase productivity, boost mindfulness, encourage more restful sleep, and decrease anxiety and depression.

With Soaak, we can provide people with similar results to an hour of meditation in just five to 10 minutes. It improves meditation and mindfulness sessions, especially for those people experiencing negative thoughts. It helps them reset and turn their focus inwards and away from negativity through our sounds’ ability to readjust their internal frequencies. We have provided this service for people for years through our clinic but now offer an app-based program that makes it more accessible to millions of people that need assistance. So, whether someone has low energy, can’t sleep, or is overwhelmed by stress, we have a clinically proven treatment to help.

Adding Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a simple concept. It’s awareness of the present moment and what we do without reacting to or feeling overwhelmed by outside stimuli. Some people think of mindfulness as an exotic practice or something only possible through years of training. However, it’s already an essential part of ourselves and can become a daily practice through simple instruction and practice. Mindfulness also works, with various studies, such as researchers from Harvard who study the connections between mindfulness practice and changes in the brain’s activation, specifically for clinically depressed people.  And the best part is, through a little effort, you can make mindfulness a way of life as a pathway to a more caring, empathetic, and stress-free life.

Our research shows that people experience optimal results when they read mindful intentions aloud or heard through a headset or speaker. Our 21-day programs feature mindful messaging and guidance throughout the day that keeps people on track and teaches them how to recognize and appreciate their thoughts and actions. We’ve scientifically built these positive affirmations, so over time, the body aligns itself to the Soaak Frequencies, which improves people’s energy at a cellular level. And that, in turn, makes people feel empowered. We’re giving them tools so they can control what they do and how they think about themselves.


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