Offshore QA Team Management: Do’s and Don’ts

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Outsourcing is becoming the new normal in the world of IT and has been flourishing for the past 2-3 years. According to the reports generated by Technavio, the outsourcing market is expected to increase by $97 billion from 2019 to 2024. Honestly, it is expected to go way beyond that because of the benefits outsourcing has to offer. So, if you are planning to hire an offshore QA team, make it quick because they won’t be available in the future.

Cost reduction, access to wide talent, and optimization are some of the key benefits that make outsourcing a golden spoon. QA or also known as Quality Assurance is one of these IT fields that has been widely outsourced and will continue to be outsourced. While you handle your business activities, the offshore QA team ensures that the software products are running effectively.

Let’s talk about what you can gain if you hire offshore QA testers.

Benefits If You Hire offshore QA testing Engineers

Yes, there are advantages to including QA processes in your development cycle. They ensure that the development cycle is going in the right direction. However, there are benefits if you hire an offshore testing team who will ensure that the final software product is working just fine. Here is what outsourcing QA testers can offer you.

Offers Cost cutting

In the software development cycle, cost cuttings are one of those things that can define the foundation of your project. If not done correctly, you can face issues that can lead to significant consequences. If you hire offshore software testers, you are already optimizing the costs. These offshore testers will be using their own resources and infrastructure to ensure that there are no bugs in the code. The individuals have an optimum rate that can further lead towards more cost cuttings.

Offers scalability

If you hire offshore QA testing engineers, you have a chance to scale your operations. For instance, if the QA testing needs to be done fast, your offshore QA agency will hire a tester accordingly and get the job done.

Helps in speeding up Product release

If you are planning to hire an offshore software tester, one thing is for sure. These testers will help you in speeding up the product release steps. The engineers will quickly identify the bugs before the launch, allowing you to release the product smoothly. Offshore software QA testers from countries like Ukraine are known to be fast and can deliver results way before the deadlines.

Releases the burden

Outsourcing to offshore companies not only helps on the QA side, but it can completely take off the burden from your shoulders. It is a common practice among business organizations. If you hire offshore software testers, you are not only optimizing the development cycle but also saving time. That time can be used to focus on other tasks of the business.

Hire an Offshore QA Engineer- Do’s and Don’t

If you are planning to hire offshore QA testers, it is essential to understand two things.

  • Who are you hiring
  • How will you manage the one whom you hired?

Let’s talk about the first point and see what can be done to avoid the problems in the future.

Evaluate the trust of the Offshore Company

One of the most severe concerns of businesses when they hire offshore QA testers is security. If you don’t want any issues regarding the privacy of your product, it is vital to check the offshore company’s backlog and see what other clients are talking about. See from the cyber security side angle and judge whether you can trust that company or not. Don’t just rush towards hiring the company. Evaluate every security parameter.

Go through the Portfolio

Another side that you need to take care of is whether the QA tester your hired is capable of doing the job or not. See, QA engineers are an important part of the team because they know the end-user requirements and can see whether the users will like it or not. If your offshoring company cannot distinguish between that, there is no point. See the company’s portfolio and look at whether they have done projects that are similar to yours. Moreover, check the reviews and ratings. That will give you a heads-up on how to deal with this. There is no point in hiring a QA team who doesn’t know what their roles and responsibilities are.

Let’s move to the second part, and that is how to manage the offshore QA testers.

Ensure a suitable communication method

Since these guys are situated in another country, it is crucial for you to keep a good communication model. A model that will cater to things such as their time zone, language barrier, and cultural differences.

Create the balance

If you hire offshore QA testers, that means you have to manage an onshore team and an offshore team. The idea is to keep the balance between the two. This can only work if the communication is clear and everyone knows about their roles.

Make testing procedures clear

Stating your deliverables is an essential step if you want to get the most out of your offshore QA testing engineers. If you hire an offshore QA engineer, provide him with proper details on the project, make sure the deadlines are clear, and ensure that they have everything they need to start the testing procedures.


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