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    The “Smart Payments” Roadmap: Using AI to Transform Payments Processes

    Smart Payments are the future of financial transactions and with the help of AI businesses can easily create these efficient and cost-effective payments, revolutionizing...

    AI and Automation: Solving Pain Points in AP/AR

    As businesses continue to look for ways to streamline their operations and reduce the risk of errors, many are turning to document AI to...

    Angela Murphy, Ph.D.

    Author, Speaker, Influencer

    Angela believes that strategy and insight are the keys to driving innovation. After earning her Ph.D., Angela built a partner program at a Fortune 100 company from the ground up, leveraging her global experience and relationships across the fintech sector. She knows that the best transformations are not based in numbers but on the people. And, she knows that sometimes the best talent for your team are people you might have never imagined.

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